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Sydney dog trainer

we help you to
create an amazing relationship with your
furever friend

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make training your dog fun!

You got your dog to have fun and to be a great companion- not to have to spend all your time figuring out how to train them.

 That just won’t work with your busy lifestyle.

 Working with a professional Sydney dog trainer that understands the in’s and out’s of training will fast track your learning and your dog’s learning. 

There’s no need to worry if you’ve never trained your dog before. We are here to help you go from zero to hero in next to no time.

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How can we help?

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private Training

You want the best dog ever but you’re just not sure where to begin.
You need help getting your dog to listen to you ALL the time, not just when they feel like it! Lessons that are fun, easy and FAST!
With expert coaching and a personalised dog training get the dog of your dreams.
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Walk & Train

Your busy Sydney lifestyle doesn’t leave time for adding ‘train the dog’ to your list. You’ve got a long commute and a hectic schedule, but your sick of coming home to another ripped up sofa or yet another doggie mess. Have your dog trained for you, so you can get on with your day.

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Behaviour Consulting

Tearing your hair out because your dog won’t stop pulling you down the street on a walk, destroying your house when you are at work or barking up a storm at the slightest of noises outside? Get a plan from your Sydney Dog Trainer that works and resolves your dog’s specific problem.

Why choose Pet Professor as Your Dog Trainer?

Improve Manners

Do you feel like your on repeating, telling your dog off? How much time a day do you spend yelling "NO!"?

Is Fido still ruling the roost, jumping up on all the guests or running amok chasing everything at the dog park?

Are you tearing your hair out trying to get them to just stop, calm down and chill out already?

Pet Professor can help you swap those bad manners for some great new behaviours!

A Dog Who Listens

Do you find yourself struggling to communicate with your dog and getting them to listen the first time?

When you're dressed for success for an important meeting do listen when you request they not jump up on you?

The art of teaching your dog to listen the FIRST time, comes by learning HOW to communicate clearly.

Pet Professor can help train your dog to listen to you ALWAYS!

A Harmonious Existence

Do you find yourself making excuses to friends and family for your dog's behaviour time and time again?

Dogs without training are the bane of you, your family, friends, neighbours, even strangers on your daily walk!

If you dream of a dog that you can be proud of and show off, one that doesn't embarrass you daily.

Pet Professor can help build a more harmonious life for you all!

“The experience with our trainer Marianne has been fantastic. Right from the beginning, we felt a great deal of empathy and support. As first time puppy owners, we had been experiencing some training challenges. Marianne took the time to explain the basics, guide us through fundamental training exercises. We are able to ask lots of questions, with patience and care always shown. We wholeheartedly recommend Pet Professor to anyone struggling with their fur baby!”
Ali & Wasabi

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Phone Consult

Book your FREE phone consult to discuss your dog and your training goals.

Book Training

Pick one of my programs, or get a tailor made package to suit you.

Training Plan

After our first lesson, receive your personalised training plan for your dog.

Recommended by happy owners

Tiffany and Bear

Tiffany & Bear

'We had Marianne come and do a consultation and instantly felt at ease. I already feel much more confident in training and Bear adores her.'​


Rita & Luna

'Marianne is a lovely, calm person who was very helpful with my Japanese Spitz Luna. Highly recommended trainer and training philosophy.'

Happy dog on beach with owner at sunset

Melaine & Simba

'Highly recommend! Marianne has so much patience & love for dogs and is so professional.
You have helped us so much with Simba!'

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