From new puppies to dogs you’ve been thinking about training for years and everything in between, our group classes help you create the dog of your dreams and put the BEST in best friend! 

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work from the ground up

Our puppy and dog group classes are designed on the philosophy that ‘If it’s not fun, your not doing it right!’

We take that fun and begin to build foundation behaviours in our Puppy Preschool class, to grow and nurture your relationship with your new puppy. 

To build on these foundation skills, you can then begin to take your puppy on a training journey! Our Fundamentals Class puts an emphasis on FUN! 

And if your having WAY to much fun, you can progress into even more skills from there until you’ve got the dog of your dreams! 

Training your dog is a journey – from a dog that runs away or doesn’t listen to a dog that you can happily take on adventures with you – the secret to your success is building a solid training relationship with your dog.

That dog that used to run away from you suddenly begins to run TOWARDS you!

Create a relationship where your dog loves you more than all the world because YOU are the fun!

Ready to book your group training classes?

Puppy Preschool for ages 8 to 16 weeks

Our rolling enrolment classes means that they can start when the first available spot pops up! 

No more waiting for weeks to get them into a puppy class – get them enrolled ASAP! 

Concepts covered:

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Naughty Beagle puppy chewing on girls hair


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Course Details

Course goes for 4 weeks and includes an online course with over 3 hours of vital puppy information.

Fairford Rd Animal Hospital – Short Street, Bankstown NSW 2200

7 pm – 8 pm Wednesdays

No more than 6 puppies per class

Must have had at least 1 vaccination 10 days prior to first class

Group Classes for ages 16 weeks +

With rolling enrolment you and your dog can come to a class whenever suits you, as long as there is spot for them! 

Choose from a drop-in class to get started or purchase a package to smash your training goals! 

Our group classes are small – no more than 7 dogs which means you get personalised training within your session. 

Beginner: Fundamentals

Puppy playing in tunnel at class

Intermediate: Concept Training

Advanced: Training Under Distraction

Learning to lay down during Day Training session

course details

Stanmore Public School – Cavendish Street, Stanmore NSW 2048

Every Saturday*

Beginner: 9:00 am          Intermediate: 10:00 am        Advanced: 11:00 am        

Bookings essential 

 *Christmas/New Year and Summer School Holidays excluded

Need more personalised training or can't make class times? 

Private Consultations are available for training and behavioural problems such as toileting issues, recall and loose lead walking, fighting with other dogs in the house and more! 

Check out our dog training packages for more information.

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