Private Training

Private lessons are PAWfect way to get the help you need!

Get training with a variety of options to suit you

From private coaching to bringing in the experts to do all the heavy lifting, you’re sure to find the best solution to suit your training needs here. 

Manners Courses

Does Fido jump up on guests? Has he taken over the couch or bed, or just lacks manners? This training can help you learn just how to communicate the rules clearly to your dog so they WANT to follow them. 

Take your training skills to the next level and let your dog’s new-found manners replace all those unwanted behaviours! You also get the benefit of being able understand how to train new behaviours in the future!

Day Training

No time? No worries! If you’re wanting a trained dog that listens but are struggling to find the time required to train them then THIS is the solution for you! 

Day training is perfect for those that struggle to find time in the day to train their dog. Instead, call in the professionals to do the heavy lifting for you! 

Spend that precious time enjoying Fido instead of cleaning up after him!

Behaviour Modification

Is your dog scared of their own shadow? Maybe they are the ones doing the scaring? Do you struggle to take them out or maybe their need to be with you is keeping you housebound. You don’t need to feel so alone. 

Behaviour Modification is for owners and their dogs that are struggling at home or in public- the barking, lunging, mess of a dog that leaves you feeling helpless and your dog misunderstood. 

Get a tailor-made training plan to fit your dog’s needs and go from barely surviving, to thriving!

Cat Training

When it comes to understanding your family feline and their behaviour it’s not as simple as it seems! Cats are particular creatures with a variety of behavioural issues – which is why this training is so important as it helps you to gain a deeper understanding of why your cat is behaving the way they are, and only then can we find a solution.

Happy field spaniel and owner

Pet Professor have done an amazing job with our 3 year old spaniel. Marianne makes training comfortable for both owners & dogs, working with us to ensure our boy is happy and kicking some bad habits. We would rate 6 stars if we could!

Kath & Hunter

Gladesville, NSW

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