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The perfect solution for training your dog AND keeping up with your busy lifestyle

Professional Dog Training Solutions

When you’ve got no time to train your dog but they desperately need some work, make it easy, fast and pain-free!   

Bring in the experts

What would you do if a pipe burst in your home? 

I am betting you grab your mobile and call a plumber (unless of course you ARE a plumber, then I’m sure you just wade in and solve the problem). 

But, if you don’t have the necessary skills or tools to fix the problem, you likely get out your phone and called in the experts to come to your home and fix the pipe.

I’m guessing at no time does the plumber, with years of experience and knowledge, stand there, hand you a wrench and some PVC and talk you through how to fix the sink. Right? 

Welcome to Day Training!   

In Home training Curly Coated Retriever
Focused Japanese Spitz training

What is Day Training?

Day training is all about giving your dog the best opportunity to learn quickly and efficiently. 

By putting an expert in the driving seat, you can get a well trained dog in a lot less time it would take for you to muddle your way through it. 

Training takes time, patience and problem solving skills. You need a deep understanding of dog body language, why behaviour occurs and how to effectively change it and the skills to get behaviour to happen consistently. 

It is a journey with as many bumps in the road, detours and traffic jams as Sydney streets on a weekday!  


Enjoy the Benefits

Solve all your worries with my Stress-free Day Training Options.

All you need to do is book a free discovery call to chat about what behaviours you’d like to work on. 

From there it’s as simple as finding the best training package that suits your individual training goals and for me to get started training your dog in the most efficient and pain-free way! 



Dog in car window

If you have a puppy under 6 months, then make sure to check out our puppy courses which are a better fit for your puppy.  

Get the dog of your dreams without compromise

With day training, the stress of working with your dog is reduced drastically. There will still be some work to do to transfer the training from me to you.

Day training frees up your time to get through that daily checklist without compromising on the dog of your dreams.

If your dog’s struggling with more than just good manners, then go to our behaviour modification page to plan a better future for you and your dog.

If you’re not sure what is the best training for you, you can contact me to discuss the best options for you.

transform your dog's
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