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My business is a mobile business which services the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. For the most part, I come to you, to make training easier for you. Some classes are located in the Inner West and Bankstown.

I provide a personalised service based on your dogs training needs. With programs designed for new puppy and dog owners, dogs with manners issues and also dogs with deeper behavioural problems.  As we offer a range of highly customised services, there is no quick answer to this question! However, I do offer up to five free phone consults each week for you to be able to call and discuss your specific training problem – head over to our Contact page to book yours in today and get started on solving those training problems. 

I hold a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Institute) as well as being a Pro Dog Trainer (AbsoluteDogs). I have completed the Living and Learning with Animals course by Dr Susan Friedman from Behaviour Works. I have also completed Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs Master Course. 

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild Australia.

Currently, I am undergoing the CUCI course or Control Unleashed Certified Instructors course with Leslie McDevitt. 

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question! There is only one of your dog in the whole world after all, they need to be trained as an individual.

Some behavioural problems that are well rehearsed – where your dog has been doing them for a long time – take longer to re-train.

I have a variety of training options and each one works differently. I can only take an educated guess based of how long it might take. There are lots of contributing factors such as the environment your dog lives in, your time commitment to training, how quickly your dog learns and so on.

I’ve design programs that will get you some quick wins that you will see from the first day of training – to take the pressure off you and your dog and start rebuilding your relationship. I create a personalised training plan that suits you and your dog and your specific needs. You can expect changes from the start as long as you make the commitment and follow the plan. It’s a bit like having a personal trainer at the gym- they can show you how best to eat, work out and look after yourself, but you’ll only see the difference if you actual do it!

I love treats as much as the next person – spending the day at the spa, the movies, at the beach eating ice cream… all of these things I find reinforcing and will sometimes give myself for a ‘job well done’.

I have the same attitude with your dog’s training – yes, I ‘reinforce’ behaviour, for a job well done, and yes, food is a good reinforcer for dogs. It’s small, fast to use which means that we can get through a training session quickly and it has high value attached to it.

I aim to give reinforcers when your dog gives me good behaviour, so that I see it happen again in the future. As for reinforcers, I also use play opportunities like chasing a ball, playing tug, even giving access to sniffing on walks – whatever it is that your dog likes as other alternatives.

Reinforcement is scientifically proven to work – as stated by the Law of Effect “Behaviours will repeat themselves, or not, as a result of the consequences of the same behaviour in the past.” – Thorndike.

The initial consult determines the best course of action for problem behaviours based on why they are happening with you and your dog.

I complete an assessment to help figure out why the problem behaviour occurs. The assessments will clearly show the root of the problem and therefore we can then make changes to either the environment, the consequences, or both, to prevent the problem in the future.

Unfortunately, the dominance theory, like the bell bottoms, tie dyed shirts and disco music of era it originated from, is totally outdated.

In a nutshell, dogs spend their days either trying to gain access to things they want or avoiding things they don’t. Your dog doesn’t wake up each day and try and dominant you and you shouldn’t worry about labeling them as such.

Instead of worrying about the label ‘dominance’ we can take a more holistic view – by describing what it is your dog is doing and what they get as a result of doing it. You can very quickly figure out what function the behaviour serves– to get something or to avoid it and therefore find new ways for your dog to behaviour in those instances.

Yes, for puppies under 16 weeks of age, we run a puppy class at Fairford Road Animal Hospital in Bankstown. This class runs Wednesday evenings from 7 pm until 8 pm. Classes are small so bookings are essential.

If your puppy is over 16 weeks of age, you can attend our beginner class at Stanmore Public School on Saturdays.

Head over to my Group Class page for more information and to book online. 

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