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Prevent unwanted behaviours from developing and get guidance for training. These training courses are developed specifically to you and your dog’s needs so you get the best out of your best friend.

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Fast & fun training that suits YOU

Is your Pooch Pal in need of some manners? Do you want stress-free training that is FUN but still and gets the whole family involved and on the same page?

Our Manners Courses are the perfect solution! If you need training around the home, then our In-Home Manners course is for you. 

Or try our Real-World Ready course – and see your dog’s behaviour skyrocket from non-existent to great in no time. 

Find out just how good your dog can be with the most efficient training plan to successfully achieve the dog of your dreams!


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personalised for you and your dog

Our Manners courses are designed for you – your dog, your home, your neighbourhood.

We ensure that every single owner and their dog is given a customised & tailored package designed to reach their training goals and get the most out of your time. 

You’ll feel supported throughout your training journey and have all your training questions answered to reach your training goals. 

Wow your friends, family, and neighbours so the next time they visit, they won’t even recognise your well-mannered dog!  

No time to commit to training your dog yourself?

If dog training homework sounds a little too hard or you just don’t have time to fit it all in, then our Walk & Train package is a better fit for you.

If your dog is struggling with more than just some bad manners, and showing signs of reactivity, aggression or fearfulness, then arrange a Behaviour Modification Program  to help plan a better future for you and your dog.

Get the best out of your dog today!